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22 May 2019

Tips to edit ur photos

1. Software:

The quality of the software matters alot while editing a picture. The quality of the software is directly propotional to the facilities the software provides. So, its better to use a good software for a better edited photograph.

2. Quality of the device used:

The quality of the device from which the photo is being captured as well as the device being used for editing the photograph affects the photograph. So its beneficial to have a good quality device while editing or capturing a picture.

3. Experimenting:

Keeping experimenting different filters and trying different effects gives you the best you can get from your photograph as well as provides you an experience for ur future projects.

4. Multiple applications(softwares):

Using only one app for all the purposes like bluring,motioning,filtering etc might not give you its best. Trying different softwares for the different purposes is somewhat more convincing.

5. Avoiding overuse of filters:

Trying different filters one above the other might harshen your photograph and spoil it because it weakens the reality of the pic.

6. Idealising your photograph:

Before starting to edit your photograph you need to have an idea about what you actually need from your picture. This will help you from not getting perplexed during editing.

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