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12 Jun 2019

How to turn an idea into a good screenplay


Script is the real life of the screen play. A script is a final document of the step outline. In scripts all the dialogues are written.The dialogues and the way they are said is something which attracts the audience to their fullest. The type of the screen play is determined by the script of the act. A good script is one of the important factors for making a good screenplay.


The next stage is to develop the plot. The plot gives you the idea of events that occur in your story and how it's going to progress. The plot ought to be roughly a page long, where the character becomes a bit more refined and defined.


Once you have the plot ready, you can turn to your character and start finding the nuances and character traits. Now is when you get deeper into the physiology, sociology and the psychology of your character. Up until now, at some point in the process, the key characters have already sprung to life.

4. The 4-pager:

The four pager is basically a four page document that summarizes the entire story and it shows the important twists and turns of the story . This gives synopsis of how the story is started and how does it reach the end.

5. Treatment:

This is a transition from being a story towards becoming a screenplay. It is a stage where you are visualizing the story. The story is broken down into many small scenes and small drafts are made .Every small and micro elements are taken into consideration for making the story progressive and logical.

6. Step-Outline:

Step-outline is much more developed than the treatment and is broken up into distinct scenes. Step-outline is like telling the story in detail, describing every scene. Here all the scenes are numbered and a list of short paragraphs is created. A scene should either take your story forward or it should reveal something about the character. If it's not doing any of the two things, it's redundant, leave it out.

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