Video Editing

This course propounds students with multiple aesthetic approaches to editing. Students will learn how to apply concepts to their works, such as temporal and spatial continuity, as well as less traditional non-linear techniques. The course will also discuss the psychological and emotional effects of editing on the overall story. Additionally, students will learn to operate Avid Media Composer digital editing software, which they will execute to edit their own films. Classes are supplemented with individual consultations at the computer.

This course teaches students to edit their sync-sound projects. Students are motivated to expand upon previously mastered techniques which acts as an auxiliary tool to establish a consistent editing design, dialogue rhythm, and sense of pacing and continuity that compliments the story as a whole. Post-production equipment and software learned by students include: Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier Pro.

  • Course Duration - 3 months
  • Course Type - Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Fees - Rs 25,000/-

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