Course Highlights

  • Degree Name: Diploma in Direction
  • Qualification: 10th Pass (Any Stream)
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Placements Assistance : 100%
  • Admission Period: Admission Open
  • Fees: 30,000/-

Course Introduction

This course introduces students to all major aspects of filmmaking. Students will learn concepts to help achieve maximum psychological impact by studying the director’s decisions in camera placement, blocking, staging, and visual image design. Students will take part in several in-class workshops and will be challenged to think comprehensively about their film projects in terms of the economic realities of a low budget student production. Using their own film projects as prototypes, students will learn to break down their film scripts in terms of story and emotional beats, shot selection and composition, and budgeting and scheduling. This course will be the forum for preparing, screening, and critiquing seven short films.

This course is a concentrated examination and analysis of the aesthetic elements of the director’s toolkit as it applies to shot choice, composition, setting, point of view, character, and camera movement. Students learn how to encompass complex dialogue scenes with a series of shots and practice different approaches to coverage by breaking down scenes from their own scripts. Students are invigorated to develop their own directorial style drawing from the elements presented in this class. After all, a good director is the one who creates.

Course Affiliation: Charlie Media Institute


After completing this course in direction from Charlie Media Institute, students can apply in the film industry as a fresher on the following profile :

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Continuity Controller
  • Production Manager
  • Scriptwriting
  • Screenplay writing
  • Executive Producer / Liner Producer

Topics covered under this course :

  • Introduction of world cinema
  • Introduction of visual grammar
  • Introduction of Script writing and screenplay
  • Actor Blocking
  • Set / Production Designing
  • Costume Designer
  • Pre production
  • Production
  • Post Production

Special Features of the Institute :

  • Own Production House
  • Best Infrastructure for the film production
  • Video Editing , VFX and DI Lab
  • Highly Equipped Audio Recording and Editing Lab with Protool and logic Pro software
  • Photo studio with advance light set up
  • 50*50 Chroma Set
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Direct exposure to film Industry
  • Tie up with renowned Media House
  • Tie up with celebrities
  • Tie up
  • Film Auditorium
  • Projection Room
  • Cameras : including 5D Mark 3 , 5D Mark 4 ,Sony A7s Mark 2, FS 7 Mark 1
  • Drone : DJI Phantom , Mavic Pro+
  • Traditional Video Camera : Sony MC 2500 , NX 100
  • Gimbal : Ronin MX
  • Lenses : Canon 70-200 2.4 IS2, Canon 50mm 1.8 , Canon 24-105 IS2 ,Sony 18-135 G series.
  • DOP Monitor
  • DOP Kit
  • Jimmy Jib 32

Know more about these course

1) What is film direction and what you all teach in film direction course in Pune?

Film Direction is a technical course that basically teaches you to make a film right from the scratch that is from story script writing and screenplay. It can be a short term or part-time course. the course is practical-oriented, the theory portion would help the students develop a sound understanding of the basics of story-telling and film-making. More than 50% of the time would be devoted to hands-on film-making so that the students learn how to transform their ideas into films. As a director, it is necessary to understand the process of making a film: preproduction, production and post-production. A brief overview of how films are made would be given to the students.

2) Is it possible to do part time film direction course in Pune ?

Yes, we have special weekend batches where we conduct lectures on Saturday and Sunday. Due to this special part-time film direction courses, people who are already working or the students can make out time to complete the course.

3) What is the kind of placement assistance can you expect after successfully completing part time filmmaking course ?

At Charlie Media Institute we have a separate placement department that takes care of the student’s grooming into a complete professional besides offering them job assistance.This department is also engaged in making tie-ups with film and advertising studios for finding gainful employment for our students.

While appearing for your course, you also get the opportunity to work freelance which besides supporting you financially, may also help sharpen your skills.

4) What is the scope of doing this diploma course in film direction from Pune?

The film industry itself is a very vast field and in the last few decades, it has gone beyond imagination and hence the career scope of the film direction courses has immensely increased. Film production houses, Television production companies, Doordarshan, Film schools and Drama schools and companies have multiple vacancies every year for the directors. Also, you can produce your own film and short films.

5) Can students of arts and commerce also apply to this diploma in direction in pune?

Yes, they can. It is open to all 10thpassed students. Even those awaiting their board results can apply for provisional admission to the course which gets confirmed on passing the relevant examination.

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Mavic Pro+
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Lenses : Canon 70-200 2.4 IS2
Lenses :Canon 50mm 1.8
Lenses :Canon 24-105 IS2
Lenses : Sony 18-135 G series
DOP Monitor
Jimmy Jib 32

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