Course Highlights

  • Degree Name: Diploma in Cinematography
  • Qualification: 10th Pass (Any Stream)
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Placements Assistance : 100%
  • Admission Period: Admission Open
  • Fees: 30,000/-

Course Introduction

In this course, students undergo intensive training for the use of 16mm non-sync sound motion picture and HD digital video cameras and their accessories. Our hands-on workshops and film tests, assists the students to learn fundamental lighting techniques and gradual sessions gear them up to learn how to support the mood of the story with lighting choices and by experimenting with expressive lighting styles.

This class immerses students in the technical and creative demands of cinematography. Our focus is beyond just ‘getting an image’ instead it’s on the nuances of visual storytelling. In addition to being trained to operate advanced camera equipment, students study basic colour theory and learn to control the colour palette of their projects. Special attention is given to the emotional attributes that can be assigned to an image by changing the hue, saturation, and contrast of any given image. Students learn to incorporate these theories into their projects, and gain a greater understanding of aesthetic image control.

Course Affiliation: Charlie Media Institute


After completing the diploma course in Cinematography in Pune from Charlie Media Institute , students can apply in the film industry as a fresher on following profile :

  • Cinematographer
  • Focus Puller
  • Chief camera Assistant
  • Gaffar
  • Camera Attendant

Topics covered under this course :

  • Fundamentals of cinematography
  • Technicalities of camera
  • Camera movements and Emotions
  • Shot division and Shot designing and storyboarding
  • Lighting
  • Actor Blocking

Special Features of the Institute :

  • Own Production House
  • Best Infrastructure for the film production
  • Video Editing , VFX and DI Lab
  • Highly Equipped Audio Recording and Editing Lab with Protool and logic Pro software
  • Photo studio with advance light set up
  • 50*50 Chroma Set
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Direct exposure to film Industry
  • Tie up with renowned Media House
  • Tie up with celebrities
  • Tie up
  • Film Auditorium
  • Projection Room
  • Cameras : including 5D Mark 3 , 5D Mark 4 ,Sony A7s Mark 2, FS 7 Mark 1
  • Drone : DJI Phantom , Mavic Pro+
  • Traditional Video Camera : Sony MC 2500 , NX 100
  • Gimbal : Ronin MX
  • Lenses : Canon 70-200 2.4 IS2, Canon 50mm 1.8 , Canon 24-105 IS2 ,Sony 18-135 G series.
  • DOP Monitor
  • DOP Kit
  • Jimmy Jib 32

Know more about these course

1) What would you learn in this diploma in cinematography course in Pune?

There are total 4 main departments in filmmaking course which are Direction, Cinematography, Sound and Edit.

If you do a diploma in Cinematography course from Pune , you will get to learn camera technically. Also you'll get to learn camera movements which ultimately create the emotions in films. You get to learn technical things like shot division, shot design and storyboarding in the cinematography course. You will also get to learn about lighting in the film. Lighting is the main aspect of films which creates different moods in the film.

You can work as a cinematographer, director of photography, focus puller, chief camera assistant, gapher if you do course in Cinematography. Also films , news channels , sports , documentary, web series , TV serials , independent film, wedding are the sectors where you can work as a cinematographer.

2) What kind of placement assistance can you expect from this institute after completing this diploma in Filmmaking?

This institute has tie ups with leading production houses where you can get a job as a cinematographer. So you'll get an opportunity to work with leading production houses in India.

S.B productions, Flow media productions, Disha Films are the few production houses in Pune where you can get the opportunity. Apart from this you also get opportunity to work as a freelancer.

3) What additional benefits do you get while pursuing this course?

While you're pursuing a cinematography course in Pune at Charlie media institute, you can get many benefits which includes Charlie's own sound studio, editing studio, different shoot locations, DI studio, well equipped classroom and camera equipments. We also rent the camera for shoots . That's the additional benefit that one can get after taking the admission for cinematography course in Pune.

4) What is the minimum eligibility criteria for this course?

A student should have completed minimum 10th class. Anybody who wants to learn cinematography course can get admission for this course.

5) Can students of arts and commerce also apply to this diploma in cinematography in pune?

Yes students from any discipline whether science ,arts or commerce can apply for this course .It is open to all 10th passed students with a flair for designing and creativity. Even those awaiting their board results can apply for provisional admission to the course which gets confirmed on passing the relevant examination.

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Mavic Pro+
Gimbal :Ronin MX
Lenses : Canon 70-200 2.4 IS2
Lenses :Canon 50mm 1.8
Lenses :Canon 24-105 IS2
Lenses : Sony 18-135 G series
DOP Monitor
Jimmy Jib 32

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